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Channels of Business for FOCUS 365

The Premier Vending and Office Coffee Broker for the Western United States

We have the best sales representatives out in the field on a daily basis calling on these channels of business. We also have an in-house marketing program that supports our field sales reps with email campaigns, promotional contests and a variety of other types of marketing support all of which are geared towards driving case sales.

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Vending Channel

The vending channel in the Western United States is made up of national and independent distributors and literally 1000’s of vending operators from the large multi national players like Canteen and Sodexo right down to the small mom and pop operations working out of storage sheds. We at FOCUS 365 have excellent relationships within this industry and will introduce your products to distributors and help pull the products through vending operators.

Focus 365

Office Coffee Service

The office coffee channel, commonly referred to as OCS, is a growing channel despite the rough economy. The OCS channel is similar to the vending channel in the fact that there is a wide variety of different types of players at national levels right down to small local OCS suppliers. With the advent of major coffee houses like Starbuck, people are expecting the same quality in their break rooms at their place of work. The OCS operators deliver this service directly to breakrooms in various places of business, and in some cases in conjunction with the vending service.

Focus 365

Mobile Catering

The mobile catering segment is a thriving little community of its own made up of 1000’s of small catering trucks driving around town and parking next to construction sites, factories, plants, B&I's, events and anywhere there are large crowds of people. The catering industry has the power to drive a tremendous amount of case sales. We have relationships with all the catering houses throughout the western united states, and know what it takes to sell products into this channel.

Focus 365


With the right type of products the education channel can be a huge market for a manufacturer. This channel is split between the foodservice and vending channel and you need to have coverage in both channels. A lot of vending companies have banks of vending equipment in schools and in some instances drop off cases to the cafeterias. Vending distributors also deliver to education locations and deliver products at a competitive margin compared to a major broad line distributor. This competitive margin can be the difference in winning bids.


Each area of the Armed Forces has a vending division that buys an extraordinary amount of products. Our representatives work closely with various military bases such as Navy Bases, Marine Corp, Bases and Air Force Bases including Camp Pendleton, Fort Huachuca, 29 Palms, Le Moore Navy Air Station, Pearl Harbour Naval Exchange, Area 51 (just kidding) Travis Air Force Base and various other bases and academies around the Western United States. 


If you are a manufacturer looking for the best broker to represent your products in any of these channels, look no further than FOCUS 365. We have a dynamic sales force on the street and an innovative industry leading multi media marketing platform.

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