Welcome to Shamrock Farms

As one of the largest family-owned and operated dairies in the U.S., Shamrock is a company with a continuing commitment to provide our customers with only the finest products and service. Their tradition of product excellence begins with their farm-fresh milk. But, naturally, they take equal pride in all of their other dairy products, too. And thanks to such innovative offerings as convenient On-the-Go Flavored Mmmmilks and Rockin’ Refuel™, they are attracting more and more new customers every day.

“Rockin’ Refuel is a first-of-its’-kind protein-fortified, flavored milk designed to help athletes muscles recover after exertion. After all, your post-game routine is just as important as your pre-game prep when it comes to building a stronger body.”
Best Sellers in FOCUS 365 markets:
Shamrock Chocolate Milk, 12 oz.
Shamrock Whole Milk, 12 oz.
Shamrock 2% Lowfat Milk, 12 oz.
Shamrock Rockin Refuel, 12 oz.
Shamrock 2% Chocolate Milkshake, 12 oz.

Rebate Program: Ask your FOCUS 365 representative for details.
Nutritionals: www.shamrockfarms.net
PDF’s: www.shamrockfarms.net

Customer Testimonials Coming Soon
For more information on Shamrock Farms products and how they can help grow your business please do not hesitate to give us a call at 866.380.3365 or email us at info@focus365.com

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