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Con Agra is one of the biggest snack manufacturers in the world has a wide variety of products and rebate programs that can help grow your business. For more information on Con Agra products and services click here.



Act II Popcorn

David's Sunflower Seeds; Trail Mix; Almonds

Crunch N Munch

Andy Capp Fries

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn

H.K Anderson Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels


Zapp's Potato Chips

We may not be the biggest potato chip company around but we think we are the coolest.  We only cook with real whole potatoes and leave the skins on.  We use only the best ingredients we can get our hands on so when you have a bag of California Chips you know you are getting "The Good Stuff" For more information on Premium Snacks products and services click here.


California Chips

Dirty Chips

Zapp's Chips

Utz Thin Pretzels


Chattanooga Bakery

Chattanooga Bakery is no pie-in-the-sky outfit. It is the one and only maker of the MoonPie, a four-inch-round sandwich cookie made of marshmallow fluff layered between graham crackers and coated with chocolate. For more information on Chattanooga products and services click here.  


Moon Pies

Scooter Pies

Southern Pies

Twin Packs



Rico's offers a full line of snack foods ideal for a wide variety of uses. Our products can be found in theatres, stadiums, amusement parks, restaurants and vending machines. . For more information on Rico's products and services click here.


RTE Popcorn



Our snacks are a favorite for more reasons than just that great savory crunch! High in protein, low in cholesterol and carbohydrate-free. And a single serving of pork rinds is higher in protein and lower in fat than a serving of peanuts! . For more information on Ruldorph's products and services click here.  




Rudolph's Cinnamon Churros, OnYums and Chicharinas

Pepe's Pork Rinds, Habanero Curls, Cracklins

Southern Recipe Cheesy Jalapeno Curls, Pork Rinds



The following items meet 2014-15 USDA Smart Snacks In School guidelines.



Appleways Soft Oatmeal Bars

Spikerz Bite Sized Crackers


Enjoy Gourmet Foods


Enjoy Gourmet Foods

Enjoy Beef Jerkey

Hickory's Best Beef Jerky


Skinny Pop Popcorn

SkinnyPop combines premium popcorn kernels, sunflower oil and salt to create an absolutely delicious snack.


Skinny Pop Popcorn

RTE Popcorn (No artificial anything!)


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