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Sugar Foods Corporation (SFC) is a privately-held company founded in 1948 which began as a local bulk sugar distributor throughout the New York metro area. Today, with over 2,000 SKUs, SFC supports a portfolio of products that includes popular brands such as, Sweet n'Low, Sugar in the Raw, Stevia, N'Joy , and a host of other products. Throughout North America, SFC is the number one source for sweeteners. The company's core values and team principles are focused on an enduring commitment to its Mission Statement — The Customer is King!  

Let Sugar Foods add brand strength, innovation and exceptional customer satisfaction to your office coffee and vending operations, and micro markets.

Popular Products:

Sugar & Non-Dairy Creamers, Canisters
Natural Sugar Substitutes, Substitute Sweeteners
Private Label
Oatmeal Kits
The Better Chip
Fresh Gourmet Crunchy Toppings
Post Cereals

PDF’s: Sweeteners & Creamers | Zero Calorie Sweeteners | Vignette Private Label Canisters | The Better Chip
N'Joy Gourmet Oatmeal | Oatmeal Toppings

Nutritionals: www.sugarfoods.com
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For more information on Sugar Foods products and how they can help grow your business please do not hesitate to give us a call at 866.380.3365 or email us at info@focus365.com

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